Springer Spaniel Fire Sniffer

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As a Welshman, this one is close to home for me!

Sammy has helped investigate 500 fires – he sniffs to find if an accelerant has been used to start it. Now, he’s a finalist in the Hero Dogs award of the Dogs Trust. He sniffs for South Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

The BBC reports that:

Trainer Matt Jones, 32, of Usk, Monmouthshire, said before the Dogs Trust awards on Monday: “He is very passionate for his work.”

Sammy, who is eight, has lived with Mr Jones since he was one and has been trained by him to home in on a range of materials often used to start fires.

He can detect the presence of petrol, diesel, paraffin, white spirit, barbecue fluid, turpentine, acetone, lighter fluid and ethanol up to two weeks after a blaze.

Mr Jones said: “He gives a passive indication that something is there. He stares at what he has found. He is very accurate, to one or two inches.”

The dog’s ability is above what science can detect”

Crime scene investigators then take a sample from the area and put it through laboratory tests to determine which of the substances is present.


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