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All About Springer Spaniels

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Using his lungs to cool down

Welcome! If you are interested in Springer Spaniels – finding, owning, training, nurturing – in fact, sharing your life with one (or more!), then you have come to the right site.


I’ve just added a News section – stories about these remarkable dogs.

See the left hand side of your screen for more details of both the mini-course and the book (or click the menu if you’re on a mobile).

Please browse the links and articles and learn a whole lot more about these great dogs!

A Welsh springer spaniel puppy wondering what it's all about.
A Welsh springer spaniel puppy wondering what it’s all about. His eye color will solidify to hazel as he matures.
  • What’s special about Springers, why they make great family pets and are good for your children
  • How to pick the best pup for your family whether show dog, a breeding dog or a family pet
  • Make your Pup’s first night at home an easy one – a happy start makes a happy springer
  • House training basics for minimum mess and maximum training
  • How to socialise your new dog – help him to be friendly and well-behaved
  • How to get your special spaniel looking its best
  • The importance of balanced diet and what not to give your Springer for him to stay healthy

My book is packed solid with advice and information!

English Springer at Full Stretch

Besides making the best family pets, they are also a hard-working breed, used in a wide variety of roles from public protection, drug searching and front line explosives sniffing, to protecting ancient monuments from termites. Fantastic!

Thank you for visiting, but before you go, have a ‘sniff’ round on the site yourself – there’s a load of information here.

Phil Marks

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