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This post is a link to interesting press stories about springer spaniels.

Dogs can read your Face

Springer Spaniel Heat Exhaustion Warning

Springer Spaniel Sniffer Detects Deliberate Fires

Springer spaniel rescue from Florida sinkhole

Springer Spaniel Rescue from Quarry

Cash Hunting Using A Springer Spaniel Sniffer Dog

Picture – Jack, the Springer Spaniel Sniffer Dog, in Afghanistan

Springer Spaniel Health Therapy for Hospital Patients

Springer Spaniel Training – Recovering Bodies Underwater

Springer Spaniel saves Charley Boorman’s Life

Springer Spaniel Training to find Little Penguins (video)

Springer Sniffer Dog Dies in Afghanistan – Broken Heart?

How Springer spaniels will help young inmates

Alfie the £11 Million Springer Spaniel Sniffer Dog Retires

Did you hear about the springer that fell of a 300 ft cliff and survived? Amazing! Check it out at BBC

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