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Although I am not based in the US, my site has visitors from all over the world who appreciate what I have to day about springer spaniels. Many visitors return regularly – if you are one of them, then thank you and I appreciate your support.

Under US law, I am obliged to notify you that I try to make money from my site.

Advertising is obvious, but I also endorse some products and if you buy one, then I get a commission. I don’t endorse any old product – I take care to select those that I think are of good quality and are helpful to springer spaniel owners.

If you are a trade visitor and ask me to endorse your product, then I will consider it. However, if I think it’s rubbish then I will say so (and justify my opinions).

I also try (very hard, but without much success) to make money from Facebook pages, Twitter and other links.

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